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About the Artist: 

Artist and golfer Loyal H. "Bud" Chapman started painting his legendary "Infamous Golf Holes" series in 1975, capturing the attention of thousands of golf art collectors around the world.


Loyal H."Bud" Chapman

Loyal H. "Bud" Chapman is the painter who created the world-renowned "Infamous Golf Holes" which have been featured in numerous golf and art publications through out the world. Although a nationally ranked golfer, it seems certain that his most enduring contribution to the game will be his mythical golf holes which so deftly combine a love of golf and a great sense of humor which vicariously depict the frustration of the bogie golfer.

Loyal H. "Bud" Chapman, a native of Minnesota, was born in 1923. He began painting at an early age and played his first round of golf as a caddie at the age of 12 at Interlachen County Club, the sight where Bobby Jones finalized his Grand Slam. During World War II he flew b-29's and created a comic strip called "Willie Washout". After his discharge from the service he attended the Walker Art School in Minneapolis, and later opened his own art studio, starting his career as a commercial artist. In 1972 he started and completed his first golf painting of Victoria Falls Golf Club. 17 more holes followed over the next 10 years that were to be the 18 "Infamous Golf Holes".

To climax and complete the series he created the 19th Infamous Hole Golf Course . They first appeared in Golf Digest Magazine and were later featured internationally in Reader's Digest Magazine. They have appeared and been featured on numerous television talk shows and have been distributed around the world.

As a golfer, he has won several state tournaments, is a perennial club champion, and has participated in many U.S.G.A. national amateur opens. He is a consistent scratch player and currently a prominent national senior player. He holds a pilot license and is always seeking out adventure, whether it's fishing, hunting or searching for buried treasure. Artist Loyal H. Chapman's lust for life is reflected in his paintings which so deftly combines his love for golf with a love of our earth's infinitely varied beauty.

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