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Infamous 18
Dream 18
Video Game
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Loyal H. "Bud" Chapman's Infamous 18 - An Amazing PC Golf game.

Play The Ultimate Dream Course

Imagine yourself on the edge of the Grand Cannon Country Club or the St. Ians Imperial & Ancient Golf Course  - You would be an amazing time traveller - breaking all the laws of space, time and golf.... and of course you would automatically have better game for it. 

Stay inspired during the winter months or bad weather days.  Now you can T up all over the world famous Infamous Golf Holes Series and stay dry and warm at the same time.
bulletYou Get the Infamous Golf Holes Screen Saver
bullet2 additional real world golf courses
bulletPlus an 18 page full color
Infamous 18 Survival Guide
bulletOn Line Play

Just $19.95



Survival Guide

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